1. Private and public sales.
  2. We develop and host a website like ArXiv.org, advertise and solicit e-prints for some years to give the peer-reviewed journal a head-start. Each submission is committed to the blockchain and serves as the indisputable and immutable evidence for the originality of the article. Latex editing and academic social networking would be supported too. The form of networking may include a scientific chatting App, BBS and/or a Quora-like forum for students and scholars to ask and answer academic questions. We will commence website construction right after some initial funding. Stake compensation will start when the website is ready and has some active users.
  3. We invite active scholars of the website for assistance in journal operation, and polish the economics, in particular the ownership distribution rules until it's ready.
  4. Journal inception and content mining. We publish high quality articles like a for-profit organization, and support all contributors with our net profit.
    • We invite authors to submit original publications in all disciplines, including but are not limited to math, physics, statistics, finance, economics.
    • We form an editorial board with experts in all disciplines. The board is in charge of reviewer and article recommendations.
    • In the long run, we hope all scholars get ownership compensations in proportion to their academic contributions from our crowd operation. That's our dream and ultimate goal. We will compensate scholars with our net profit and lay a solid foundation for the plan first.