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Dear readers,

I am happy to introduce The Commonwealth - a crowd-owned and operated, peer-reviewed non-profit academic journal that aims to change the scientific publishing industry fundamentally. We issue a Member Guarantee, design rich use cases to promote its application and circulation, and distribute it to all contributors for our journal in a good way to encourage excellent publications. Eventually, we hope to compensate all scholars by the quality of their work, so that more smart people have opportunities and motivations to stay in academia and pursue their dreams.

We are a group of researchers, scholars and senior IT engineers with varied backgrounds. Most of us own advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines. We see abundant opportunities in the highly volatile yet rapidly growing blockchain industry, and decided to set up a crowd owned scientific publisher and intended for the welfare of the most - We compensate all authors, editors, reviewers and contributors with an innovative design in currency policy.

We are a humble team in the publishing industry. The team reserves 20% and the Commonwealth Foundation owns 30% Member Guarantee, most of which will not circulate in the near future. The rest are reserved for our investors. The team's Member Guarantee is locked for 5 years upon inception, and will release 20% per year. Registered and regulated in Singapore as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), the Commonwealth Foundation is a non-profit crowd publisher, and compensates the Member Guarantee to all endeavors that assist us in day-to-day operations, including but not limited to article submission, reviewing, editing and translation. Our publication area offers high-quality and original articles purchased from the authors upon peer review. We do our best to publish novel articles of original ideas.

Knowledge is power. The discovery and distribution of novel knowledge is an ultimate form of contribution to the humanity for its selfless nature and benevolent will to serve the people. However, most essential and renowned technical protocols like the internet did not carry concrete financial value in their original form, thanks to the inventor’s generosity and nobility in many cases. The value of the internet primarily manifests in the dotcom companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. On the other hand, according to the historical prices or capitalization of various blockchain projects, mankind has established consensus that fundamental blockchain protocols, or the public chains in particular are usually as valuable, and in many cases more so than the decentralized applications or DApps. This is the blockchain spirit, a powerful reform of production relations that endows the fundamental basis of productivity with both fame and financial value. We would like to compensate all endeavors to advance human’s knowledge base in a similar way, as we believe that every effort on the advancement of our knowledge boundary matters, and all excursions into the truth, either successful or not, are worth much more than what they appear to be at the point in time. The majority of our Member Guarantee release is reserved to assist our publishing endeavors.

It is an unprecedented yet promising experiment to apply crowd ownership distribution to the peer-reviewed publishing domain. Our success and the value of the Member Guarantee relies heavily on the contributions from our community, particularly the high-quality articles from distinguished authors and researchers. All contributors will benefit from the Member Guarantee they hold as our ecosystem grows. We do not anticipate our role as a publisher to be profitable, at least not in our early stage. Instead, it is a charitable business we intend to support for as long as we can, and a commitment that all endeavors to discover novel knowledge are valuable and financially worthy. All knowledge producers deserve humanity’s highest respect, not only at the superstructural level but also on the economic basis.

Humanity is sometimes overly obsessed with power and lucrative businesses, at a cost of looking less upon the sky. Competition is deeply rooted in humanity and fine, this is how we evolved and became who we are, but more and more participants in the endless zero-sum games raised our concern. Fundamental, applied and social sciences are the roots beneath the evolution of civilizations, with most subsequent large-scale business practices the stems, leaves and flowers. However, our human nature admires and encourages the actual revenue-generating processes much more, and tends to overlook the value of the fundamental basis and protocols they rely upon. Exceptional academic research results lay the foundations and cornerstones of the modern civilization indeed, but the majority of publications take high risks and present relatively lower rewards or application value on an average, much like the IPOs in certain ways - the head return of limited few projects outweighs the cost or loss of most ordinary ones. As a result, the hard work of scientists and scholars is hardly well and fairly compensated, especially those jewels and gems in fundamental sciences. But the power of research truly lies in the law of large numbers: each of them pushes the boundary of our knowledge forward a bit, and chances are that some of the brightest minds among us stand on the giants’ shoulders and manage to achieve definite results.

The Simons foundation offers a paradigm consolidating resources from the industry to academia. Unlike most other zero-sum participants, it supports academic projects in a wide range of fields, which amounts to a third of research grants in selected programs. Our ultimate goal is similar. We seek to advance researches in multiple frontiers, including but not limited to mathematics, fundamental and social sciences, and dedicate to building a safe, open-source digital world with the blockchain technology. With this technological revolution at dawn and ongoing developments in multiple frontiers, we see great opportunities to strive for our dream and make it come true.

We cordially invite you to join our community. We are looking for excellent publications and e-prints to start with. We are also actively collecting investment commitments, please do let us know if you are interested in our private sales or have any suggestions. Please stand with us while we strive to win the future, for our strength lies in your support.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne, founder of

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