E-print posting

We compensate 100 Member Guarantee for each e-prints posted on the website. As the article acquires attention and accumulates impact, a formulaic bonus would be issued in proportion.

Article Submission

It is an unprecedented yet promising experiment to apply tokenomics to the peer-reviewed publishing domain. Our success relies upon the contributions from our community, particularly high-quality articles and excellent authors. The value of our Member Guarantee lies heavily in the quality of our publications. All authors will benefit from the tokens they hold as our ecosystem grows.

  1. Compensation starts at 2000 Member Guarantee a piece. The final amount is contingent on article quality, reviewer feedback, citations and many other factors.
  2. We accept PDF submissions only. No format requirements as long as it is an amusement to read, but we strongly recommend to use our template. Please see here for a user manual.
  3. Please allow at least a month for us to finish the peer review process, and collect / forward feedback if modifications are recommended.
  4. We are committed to repurchase the Member Guarantee with all our profit, as we are a non-profit legal entity. Please submit the work, share your insights and grow with us. Your compensation will be payable in Member Guarantee and positively correlated to the quality of your work.
  5. To protect your right and to avoid others faking your identity for benefit claims, we must verify your ID (KYC) before your article publishes. It is however waived if
    • you are an invited author (feel free to send us a request to invite you here);
    • the article is submitted from a publicly verifiable (e.g. the one listed on your institution webpage) affiliation email address such as xxx@harvard.edu, xxx@bnl.gov, etc.;
    • the article is submitted from an email address that is verifiable through peer-reviewed publications or CVs online.
  6. We will email every author upon article acceptance. If you fail to respond or pass the KYC (if applicable) in two weeks, you are deemed not interested to publish with us. Those fail to verify his/her true identity consistently in claims will lose the case and all future benefits by default.
  7. You are responsible to ensure originality of your work. Though we do our best to resolve claims and decide benefit attributions, we are NOT legally responsible for copyright disputes.
  8. We will contact you if your article is accepted, and issue the Member Guarantee two weeks after publication on our website. The e-prints are exempt from peer reviews, and the compensation would be issued in several months to years when we have enough statistics.
  9. The compensation is NOT intended to purchase the copyright, but only the right to publish and advertise your article on our website and on our social media accounts (if applicable), and the right to support your research, which we cherish dearly and consider an honor. Distribution of knowledge is the highest form of neg-entropy production, as it aims to benefit the most. Your name or the original link on our site will be always provided along dissemination. The plots might be lightly watermarked with article link in protection of your copyright. For a limited time only, if you publish the same work elsewhere later, all we require is to add this sentence to the beginning - 'This article was published on commfoundation.org'. We value your works and would like to endorse your effort if you authorize us the right to publish.
  10. Please do indicate upon submission explicitly if you elect to publish with us exclusively. We will compensate you 50% more Member Guarantee. If you indicate as such but still publish the same article elsewhere, we reserve the right to cancel your future benefits.
  11. In summary, please submit this form, or send your real name, position, title, account ID and web link (if adapted from your early posts/publications), along with
    • the discipline to submit.
    • if the article is exclusive for our website to publish
    • subscription-only sections (optional)
    • keywords, a short abstract and personal ERC20 wallet address with the article. No exchange wallet address please.
  12. If you submit by email, please send to commfoundationltd@gmail.com , with email titled 'submission to The Commonwealth [discipline] from [your name]: [article title]'.

Article Review

  1. Compensation starts at 500 Member Guarantee for each successful publication. 
  2. We will look for experts in all disciplines including math, physics, statistics, finance, etc. to review the articles.
  3. A reviewer is responsible to confirm the originality, review and recommend articles for publication, with a quality score (0-100), confidence score (0-100) and comments. Please normalize your quality score, as they are expected to be relative and roughly satisfy the Gaussian distribution. The revision suggestions are not required - if you don't recommended an article and feel the quality score and confidence score fully state your opinions, feel free to do so.
  4. Please fill the contact form with your CV attached, or send an email to commfoundationltd@gmail.com to apply. If you apply by email, please use the title 'applying for reviewer from [your name]'.


Editor Openings

  1. We are actively looking to form an editorial board, whose key responsibility is to promote scholarship in articles associated with commfoundation.org, whilst also promoting our website as the best site to publish in. The openings are limited and highly competitive. You may increase your chance by reviewing a few articles with us before you apply.
  2. An editor is responsible to select 3 reviewers for each article worthy of review, collect feedback, communicate with the authors and make the final decision.
  3. The compensation is 500 Member Guarantee per piece, the same as article review.
  4. Please fill the contact form or send your CV to commfoundationltd@gmail.com to apply, with email titling 'applying for editor from [your name]'.


Website Development

  1. The compensation is in Member Guarantee and negotiable.
  2. We are looking for developers to construct a website to house the e-prints, and possibly a lightweight marketplace for Member Guarantee and fiat conversion, either OTC or exchange API, with account management and order book support.
  3. Please fill the contact form and attach your CV or email commfoundationltd@gmail.com to apply, titling 'applying for developer from [your name]'.